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PI Magazine / PI Gear

THE PI FAMILY OF SERVICES: The PI FAMILY of products is owned by retired and former law enforcement and military professionals. The MAGAZINE has a professional editorial staff and graphics design team and utilizes writer and contributors who are well known and established professionals and subject matter experts.

PI GEAR/PI BOOKSTORE: PI GEAR and PI BOOKSTORE are a combined ecommerce site offering professional grade surveillance equipment, and counter-surveillance equipment along with professional grade books and reference materials for the professional investigator. Book on-line stores draw its repeat customer base from PI 
MAGAZINE and organic searched driving both the professional and consumers to the site. 

PI DIRECTORY: PI DIRECTORY is an on-line searchable professional listing database of thousands of professional investigators from around the world. PI DIRECTORY is regularly used by other professional investigators to locate other 
professional to use as consultants or sub-contractors in other geographical areas. Many civilians, legal professionals and process servers use PI DIRECTORY to locate professional investigators to retain for additional services. All listing individuals go through a vetting to ensure they meet the directories requirements for membership.

Contact: Jim Nanos, LPI 
542 Cross Keys Rd #3-228 
Sicklerville, NJ 08081 
(T) 732-308-3800 



eChatter is an OSINT discovery firm that specializes in the gathering, processing and reporting of social media and deep web intelligence on a person of interest or business. We work with our clients to gather precise intelligence based on the specifics of each investigation. That allows us to work smarter and provides the exact information you need for your case. 

Additional services include:

  • Web Preservation 
  • Web scrapping
  • Social Media Background checks for pre-employment
  • Reputation Management 
  • Spanish fluent online intelligence gathering 

Kathy Doering is McAfee Institute certified in social media & OSINT techniques. She is President & Founder of the Social Media Research Association and has authored numerous articles for PI Magazine and Pursuit Magazine. 

Director: Kathy A Doering
Phone: 1-833-324-2887
Website: www.e-chatter.net  


Company Information: Skopenow is an open source and social media search engine that enhances digital investigations by instantly aggregating and analyzing a subject's digital persona. Using computer vision and behavioral analytics Skopenow is capable of sifting through thousands of pieces of content to create meaningful and actionable insight for investigators. For more information please visit www.skopenow.com or e-mail us at sales@skopenow.com

Contact: Victor Quesada, Account Executive
Website: https://www.skopenow.com/


Worldwide Person and Info Locaters (Clark)

Worldwide Person & Info. Locators Inc. is America’s #1 info company for P.I.’s. We are not a Database Company. Our information is real time up to date of request. Nationwide results for: cell & landline # reverses, non-pubs at any address, cell # locates, utility searches, PO box breaks, hard to locate person searches (nationwide, we find them and verify), nationwide mv & criminal histories, asset locates, locate Ins. Co. for any vehicle or home and much more. Call for price list 888-693-3463 or send to email infodet@aol.com. Most accurate info provider with same day service for most searches. Once again, not database searches. No set up or monthly fee. In business since 1995. We are always there to answer questions.

Clark Shedden
A Worldwide Person & Information Locators Inc.
108 S.E. 34th Lane, Cape Coral, Fl. 33904
Phone: 888-693-3463    Fax: 239-540-8019
Website: https://www.personinfolocators.com/

My Private Eye®

Private investigation and process service are critical components of the Justice System. The investigators and court officers within these industries serve important roles helping to ensure that the wheels of justice continue to spin. Process servers locate and serv e court documents to witnesses, defendants and/or victims in order to notify them of court proceedings. Private investigators assist corporate America, individuals, and law enforcement in obtaining evidence needed to secure civil judgments and criminal convictions thereby helping to restore equilibrium. In some cases, their work will help to exonerate a wrongfully charged and/or convicted person paving the way towards restoration of individual rights and freedoms. Therefore, it is imperative that they have the most advanced and efficient tools at their disposal. One such tool is a powerful web-based software program designed to streamline their casework. The My Private Eye® software program provides them with functional technology that is both user-friendly and simple to operate while in the field.

Many of the other software companies were built by programmers with no industry experience. Their programs are a one-discipline design, meaning the functionalities are either targeted specifically for private investigation OR process service. None of them combine both ends of the spectrum. Thus, customers are forced with subscribing to two seperate software programs in order to do effectuate their jobs as a private investigator and process server.

My Private Eye® has recognized the dual role in the industry and provides a software program encompassing ALL of the functionalities necessary for the person who wears ‘both hats’ that of a private investigator AND a process server!

The My Private Eye® software program was developed by a private investigator for private investigators. There has never been a program in the market that has been built exclusively by someone having direct experience within the industry…until NOW! All the advanced functionalities of My Private Eye® have been field tested and approved by seasoned investigators, process servers, and former law enforcement officers.

Thomas E. Santarlas, Ph.D. is the founder of the My Private Eye® software program. He has been involved in the private investigation and process service industry for the past 23 years. Author of various published works, Dr. Santarlas has significant research and writing experience within the industry. One of his published articles entitled “Analyzing Process Server Software Functionality” outlines several key components in comparing software programs.

Dr. Santarlas has been appointed by the Chief Judge of the Tenth Judicial Circuit Court to be an instructor for the certified process server course. He has been providing the course curriculum and certifying new officers for the past 13 years. Hundreds of new process servers / private investigators have benefited from the training and have gone on to utilize the software to successfully build their businesses.

My Private Eye® software…built by an investigator for investigators! Try it NOW and experience the best private investigation and process server software program in the market.

Angel Allison
Website: www.mypi.us

NITA Security & Investigative Academy

Your Digital Partner for Investigative & Security Training Online training programs that fit your schedule.

NITA is a national provider of state- and board-approved online state prep exams, pre-licensing, continuing education, and professional development courses for Private Investigators and Security Professionals. Drawing on more than 50 years of combined investigative and business experience, the NITA team combines high-quality instruction and personalized support to deliver an educational experience that equips every student with the knowledge and information they need to build a successful career.

Sandra von Eschenbach
Executive Vice President

Southern Bug Sweeps Inc.

We conduct electronic eavesdropping detection and counter-surveillance measures (TSCM) utilizing among other devices, the latest sophisticated REI equipment available. We conduct our sweep to locate any hidden or covert audio, video, or GPS devices. Our goal is to provide our clients with a peace of mind they seek. We handle private residential, business, and corporate clients who require a professional sweep with highly trained and skilled personnel. Our main office is in Melbourne, Florida where we have been for the past 10+ years.Our central Florida location allows us easy access to Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami, and all cities in between. Our TSCM staff includes REI trained & certified specialists that includes a former NYPD TARU veteran as well as private investigator with over 30+ years of experience.Contact us today and we can discuss your TSCM Sweep needs.

Contact: John Aiani, TSCM, LP
n Bug Sweeps Inc
7777 N. Wickham Rd   Melbourne, FL 3294


Digital Recognition Network, DRN
DRN’s growth path has been fueled by visionary innovation, proven technology, and a service-and-solutions-oriented culture. Today, DRN’s exclusive vehicle location data paired with analytics helps users build the full story of a vehicle’s location history and trends rather than simple location tracking alone. This competitive advantage can help lenders, recovery agents, insurers and auto manufacturers locate more vehicles faster. That means fewer charge-offs, more recovered vehicles, less fraud and higher recall completion… which lowers risk and increases revenue.
Vehicle Location Data via Event Links–  comes from license plates that are publicly visible for all to see. The United States is home to the largest passenger vehicle market in the world with over 250 million passenger vehicles travelling on public roads and thoroughfares. Every car has a license plate and our cameras capture images of license plates that pass within the field of view of the camera, the location where the camera was located when the photograph was taken, and the time and date the camera took the photograph. These cameras simply automate a process that has been done manually for years – capturing publicly visibly and publicly available information. Because the camera is photographing license plates in public locations visible for all to see, there is no expectation of privacy in the data we collect. We take those images and the data associated with them and leverage our analytics to deliver Event Links and DRNsights, solutions for Auto Finance, Insurance and Auto Recovery.  

Contact: Rachel Cracchiola
Sales Solutions Specialist / 
Video Security & Analytics
Email: rachel.cracchiola@motorolasolutions.com
Phone: (716-507-3445) 
Website: https://drndata.com/

Case-Closed Investigations Inc.
For more than 25 years, Case-Closed has been the go-to investigator for top businesses, premier law firms and individuals throughout the Carolinas. Led by Leroy Everhart, a top tier investigator with more than 39 years of experience, the firm is known for its expertise, professionalism and outstanding client service.
Our Case-Closed team consists of highly trained, skilled professionals, men and women with decades of experience. Supported by state-of-the-art technology, we create detailed reporting backed by video, photographs, and physical evidence. And because successful investigations encompass more than just field work, we provide a knowledgeable, full-time customer service staff to ensure your case will be easy and transparent from initial contact through final accounting.

200 Charlois Boulevard, Suite 100
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27103
Toll Free:

Trackops, LLC

Trackops is a web-based case management application designed to streamline the process of managing an investigation from start to finish. Running a business is hard enough. We believe today's web applications can play a significant role to making that easier for you. Our mission at Trackops is to provide a secure and easy-to-use investigation management tool that will assist you in becoming more organized, efficient, and profitable with less effort.

Trackops, LLC is a privately held company founded in 2006 out of Boulder, Colorado. Having experience in both the computer and investigative industries, we recognized the demand for online investigation management tools increasing at a rapid pace. We realized we could provide a valuable service to meet that demand, and thus Trackops was born. The investigative industry needed a high quality, professionally built, and all-encompassing solution that would bridge the gap between investigative firms and their employees, vendors and clients. From concept to creation, we've worked hard to turn daily business operations into efficient online activities. Trackops is the result of that hard work, and we believe it can take your business to the next level!

As the industry changes and new technologies emerge, we strive to push the envelope and keep Trackops ahead of the curve. By continually adding new features and enhancements to Trackops, we're able to increase the value of our product, and in turn, the value of your organization.

Trackops is solely a software company, and is not owned by or derived from an investigative company. You can rest assured there is no conflict of interest when entrusting us with your data. 

Contact: Ian Ricketson 
Email: support@trackops.com 
Phone: (303) 325-3630
Toll Free: (866) 364-1420
Fax: (888) 753-2846  

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